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In 2017, digital marketing is conquering new heights and becoming more and more important for any marketing campaign. While hiring a digital marketing expert is compulsory for most businesses to take full advantage of this valuable tool, keeping yourself up to date with the tips and tricks is important as well.

Toronto SEO Expert Dmitriy believes that business owners, who stay up to date with the contemporary digital marketing trends have many more chances to improve their campaign than those who “go with the flow”.

Take Smart Approach to Social Media

Social media marketing is a huge part of any campaign. However, many business owners don’t realize that people come to these platforms to socialize instead of stuffing their heads with serious information. When marketing with social media you have to be very careful about the content. Making it easy-to-read and entertaining is the key.

Remember, people are not ready to dive deep into your business specifics. They come there to rest and enjoy a good read. If you manage to find a balance between marketing and entertainment, you can attract a huge target audience.

Create an Email Signature

If you are sending dozens of emails a day, you can use them to do a subtle digital marketing campaign. Having a small text about your business and adding its website address on the bottom of each message allows you to get the word out.

Don’t hesitate to use this signature even when writing a personal email. You’d be surprised how well the word-of-mouth works in marketing. Set up the signature so it’s added to each message automatically.

Be Creative About Going Visual

The experts from the international agency Agencja SEO Warszawa stress the importance of using videos in your ads. People are more receptive to visual materials than they are to reading. However, not everyone has an opportunity to watch your video, so make sure it’s complemented by the right content as well.

Pay special attention to the auto-start videos. Many users pass by a video, which they have to click to start. Meanwhile, the auto-start feature “forces” them to watch.

No matter how serious your business might be, if you want to attract the millennials, try to create a funny video. Good humor is a powerful marketing weapon of the new age.