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When you are designing a website, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. While WordPress offers many useful free options both for beginners and experienced designers, the thoughts of getting a custom theme are bound to appear. Custom themes have different price tags. They vary from $60 to several hundred dollars. Is a custom theme really worth the money you are about to spend on it? Let’s take a look.

Extended Support

Whether you want to make a few small changes to your theme design or have a major problem with a white screen after fiddling with code, you need help. Instead of looking for answers all over the internet, you can get great support from the store you buy the theme from.

Usually, the support comes in many forms, including tutorials and help centers. Before buying the theme from a certain vendor, make sure to ask if the support is included in the cost. The reputable theme vendors usually have the support included.

Unique Theme

With a huge variety of WordPress websites, you must be finding similar themes all over the place. If you buy a custom theme, it will be unique to your website, meaning similar ones don’t exist. We are talking about a complete uniqueness. You won’t ever find a similar looking design with a different color scheme.

Your Own Choice

The custom theme offers you a chance to make your personal choices about the theme design. You don’t have to settle for what someone else thinks the design of your website should be. You are not limited to the built-in features. You are free to create exactly what you need for your specific purposes. This property is especially important for businesses that offer very specific services, such as US Entry Waiver by Liberty Waivers. The nature of their business warrants getting a custom theme.

Fewer Security Flaws

Custom themes have a better design and less likely to contain major security flaws since fewer features and less code is used. Even if you find some security problems and/or bugs, it’s up to the vendor to fix them in the shortest amount of time. The overall maintenance matter of a custom theme is kept to a minimum.

No Overwhelming Add-ons

Add-ons and features that you have to deal with when it comes to using free themes can be overwhelming. The reason for such a high number of features is that the theme is designed to suit a variety of clients with different needs. Most of them you will never use. These extra features don’t do you any good while slowing down the way your website works. Thankfully, custom themes have only what you need.

Better SEO

Custom themes have a better SEO functionality. Since there are no extra source codes or features, you can easily add most of the required SEO features into the theme itself instead of using plug-ins.  Such lean coding leads to optimal website loading speed. SEO expert Dmitriy from Miromind advises that websites with custom themes make the job of SEO agencies more effective.

Timely Updates

WordPress theme creators usually work hard on keeping their themes up to date with the latest WordPress version. If the theme is not updated, you may deal with security problems and loss of website’s functionality. While free themes receive updates, not all get them on time. Custom WordPress themes get updates from the providers on a regular basis. Before buying a custom theme, ask the provider about the update frequency.

The major downside of the custom theme is its price. Meanwhile, the money you pay for it can keep you from extra expenses in the future.