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Custom embroidery services have long been the number one priority way for businesses to decorate coordinated outfits for corporate events. And it is no wonder: embroidery always looks professional and when done right is very long-lasting. It looks good on polos, caps, jerseys.

More and more companies order embroidery designs for their corporate outfits. It is not always sufficient to simply get your company logo embroidered on your outfit: our professional designer will create a complete look for all your required garments incorporating your company name and your logo into one clean design. What will look good on a cap will not look good on pants and we will recommend the best way to position your design, help find the best colors that will work for your specific needs and preferences. After all, it is always a good idea to consult professional designer when choosing the best uniform for your team or business – just imagine ordering twenty outfits and having to re-do them as they simply do not look good on your team members or employees.

We work closely with Sky Sportswear company: they have been providing custom embroidery services in Los Angeles since 1975, have top of the range equipment and a team of true experts. What’s more they also offer high quality garments for men and women that come in many different sizes and colors. Getting your own custom design outfits can be very simple: our designers will create perfect designs for you, pick the complete outfit that goes well with your company logo color theme and a team of Sky Sportswear professionals will make custom embroidery and deliver it right to your doorstep. Contact us to order your custom embroidery design.