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The gaming industry has come a long way. To say that it has changed is an understatement. The whole industry has been revolutionized. When the gaming industry was starting to take shape, it was just a matter of simple pixels on the screen that took some basic geometric shapes. However, the modern day video games are something to marvel at. The art and creativity in today’s video games have made the gaming experience extremely realistic.

While games have always been popular, it is the emergence of million-dollar gaming companies that, perhaps, more than anything else shows just how big this industry has become. Long gone are the days when gaming was small business that few would have even bothered to provide disaster recovery solutions to if a disaster wreaked havoc on a gaming company’s data. The story is entirely different today.

Things don’t end there, as the technology advances, so do the games. The game developers are continuing to raise the bar even higher with each new game. One thing that has really helped in the revolution if the gaming industry is the use of graphic design. Through graphic design, game developers have been able to come up with some excellent games.

Where we started

In the past, computers used to run in Random Access Memory (RAM) which made it hard for developers to come up with complex and realistic games. However, game developers were able to create basic gaming environment but due to the limitation of the processing power of the then computers, creativity and advancement were very low.

As time went by, the gaming industry changed to visual-based environments but still it was nothing compared to what we have today. In the 1990s, which has been dubbed as the golden age in the gaming industry, things began to change. Developers started to look for alternatives in regards to low processing power.

They started to develop their own platforms on which video games could be hosted. A good example is Sony’s PlayStation which they introduced in the mid-90s. The games that were developed in the platform had some amazing graphics and the gameplay was outstanding.

Where we are

In the past, video games consisted of some simple characters with a basic story. However that has completely changed. The modern gaming industry has storylines that are similar to those in the movies. To top it up, the character movement is no longer rigid and limited but some real animation is being used.

With the advancement of technology, game developers continue to use graphic designs to improve the gaming experience. Though many gamers may not notice the use of graphic designs while playing, it has played a very significant role in the gaming industry. As we move into the next generation in the gaming industry, one can only imagine what the future has in store for the gaming industry.