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We live in a world where design is an inescapable fact of life. That is why we have graphic designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, web designers, interior designers, etc. By nature, design is always undergoing metamorphosis; industrial design trends, web design trends hardly ever stay the safe for long. This means everyone in the design industry must always keep learning new things to keep up with the industry and for a chance at staying relevant.

While most of us know and appreciate the likes of graphics designers, web designers and interior designers, few of us know who industrial designers are and just how important a role they play in the appearance of practically every product you have ever used.

Whether it’s your son’s toy or your new car, industrial designers have a very important role to play. Their name speaks little of glamor, yet their work defines the way we know nearly all the things we use on a daily basis.

Comparing industrial design to graphic design

All of know graphic design. After all, we see it everywhere; from websites to print media to videos, graphic design shows up everywhere we look. As a result, graphic designers are extremely central to branding and other activities geared towards the way people view a particular brand.

While industrial design enjoys similar prevalence, it requires a slightly different approach, hence would require you to have slightly different skills. Top among the skills that these designers must have is the ability to effectively use computer-aided design software. Additionally, they must clearly understand the methods of manufacturing and the technology employed in production.

This is the only way they can be effective at creating products that consumers will find visually appealing in addition to being easy to use. That is why, unlike a graphic designer, an industrial designer is often expected to be knowledgeable in matters engineering.