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When you are looking for an ideal tool to make your presentation, you often need to choose between Prezi and PowerPoint. Both of them are powerful, versatile, and suitable for a large variety of projects. Meanwhile, each of these tools has its pros and cons, which can help you make a decision. The below comparison can give you a better understanding of each software and its suitability for your particular case.

Prezi & PowerPoint Background

Background and brand awareness is vital to new users.

PowerPoint Prezi
PowerPoint is one of the oldest Microsoft tools available to the public. The Millennials grew up using PowerPoint to draw comics and then went on to use advanced features for various purposes.

The age and the brand awareness allow PowerPoint to win the background battle.

Prezi appeared on the market in 2009, which is 19 years later than PowerPoint. While Prezi might seem similar to PowerPoint to amateurs, it has many useful features that PowerPoint users don’t take advantage of.

Since Prezi is virtually unknown to a big chunk of a target audience, the background battle is lost.

Prezi & PowerPoint Pros

If you already know enough to realize that you might need to choose between the two programs, you have to spend some time comparing the pros.

PowerPoint Prezi
PowerPoint provides custom animations with entrance, exit, and emphasize special effects. The zooming feature is the highlight of this software. This function allows for easy navigation while allowing you to see the whole picture.
At a slide layout, the user can change fonts, colors, and background. You can also add effects between slides to improve the presentation. Inserting images, audio, and video is quick and easy. Pics can be inserted at the desired angle. The presentation user has a chance to play around with the size and the angle of presentation objects
The PowerPoint presentation can include sounds, narration, and video clips. The presentations are easy to insert into a webpage/blog.
PowerPoint allows you to print slides in case you need a hard copy. Prezi is a web-based software. It can be used on any computer, providing there are internet connection and Flash.
Presentations are designed for navigation and displaying on the computer. Prezi is compatible with the most popular browsers and OS.
PowerPoint is user-friendly. Many features are easy to grasp even for children. The frames allow grouping several presentation media into one presentation

Prezi & PowerPoint Cons

Each of these programs has several cons, which can help you make the right choice.

PowerPoint Prezi
It’s hard to go back to a certain slide while making the presentation The program has a high learning curve, so it takes time to start using it.
Clip arts and graphics aren’t being updated fast enough Zoom function and animation is not appealing to everyone. Some users experience motion sickness.
There are few easy-to-access slide layouts While working online with the presentation is easy, offline work requires Prezi Desktop, which is costly.
You can insert images in just two ways (vertically and horizontally) Editing readily made templates is not allowed.
The software must be installed on your computer as part of MO Internet connection problems or glitches can reduce the quality of design and functionality

Prezi vs. PowerPoint: Which One Should You Choose?

While Prezi and PowerPoint seem to have become competitors on the visual presentations market, they seem to be suitable for different target audiences. Expert Prezi designers PresentationGeeks believe that Prezi is mostly beneficial for presentations that employ a storytelling format and/or impressive visual metaphors.

Prezi helps you create a narrative structure while catching the attention of the audience. Meanwhile, PowerPoint is a better choice for professional topics and business-type settings. People, who are creating informative presentations, which are mostly focused on the data rather than visuals, can appreciate the PowerPoint features.

Overall, PowerPoint is quick and easy-to-use but lacks some visual features that Prezi can offer. It can be a great choice for school projects, seminars, business lectures, and the like. Meanwhile, Prezi requires experience to operate but provides great animations and visuals more suitable for younger audiences and entertainment.

When choosing between Prezi and PowerPoint, consider your goals, your experience, and your target audience. It rests with you to decide.