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Just in 2017, millions of dollars have been raised through ICOs. This gave way to the mushrooming of scam startups that defrauded investors to buy tokens from projects without a well-laid out structure to thrive. As a result, the expectations of investors die down together with everything they invested in the form of tokens. Due to such happenings, mainly in 2017, it will be challenging to set up or even market an ICO in future. ICO marketing has to therefore be executed in a way that you set out all the essentials of your business to investors in an aim to convince them.

It is all digital

It involves setting up a funding campaign online. It is a new away of marketing through which startups can raise money and very fast. However, the speed with which you can raise money through ICOs will depend on how well you have laid out your plan to potential investors. The sale of digital tokens through an ICO can lead to a new cryptocurrency where people can buy it in hopes that it will increase in value. Also, if you know how to mine cryptocurrencies using PCs, it could prove to be profitable, with time.

You need to reach out to potential investors

You will need to physically reach out to huge investors. In short, you will need to sit with investors in conferences, forums and meetings. You can decide to sit with the biggest investors such as hedge funds, and if you can convince those, then others will follow.

Make known your team and partners to investors

Some of the big names in your team should be invested in your project. If you are to put the names of your partners, make sure that they know about it and they are influential when it comes to ICOs. This will give your project a better edge and investors will be convinced that your project has a bright future.

Have a solid brand awareness campaign

Since ICOs are dogged with murky regulations and thus many uncertainties, you have to create brand awareness for your project months before you launch an ICO. The best strategy here would be add your ICO to a trusted ICO list & tracker. You can even use celebrities or social media influencers to create brand awareness for your project. It starts early and as you build brand awareness to potential investors, when the time for an ICO comes, you will be able to sell your digital tokens with ease. It is all about timing and how well you sell your project to potential investors.