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The article touches upon the issue of Small Business Website Redesign – How To See Issues Upfront. If you are operating a small business website, ensuring that you reap the most from it is very important. You need to keep it updated for your clients to find it useful. How do you know whether your website needs to be redesigned? How do you detect issues in your website design up front? Here are tips that will help you realize whether your website is due for a redesign or not.

Small Business Website Redesign

You Have not Changed the Design for a Long Time:

A design that seems trendy at the time you created the website may lose its touch after some time. Just like fashion trends, you need to keep on updating your web design to match with what is happening currently. Not changing your design will make the website look like an abandoned site whose owner’s main concern is renewing the domain name and hosting once they are due. You also need to keep on adding new and fresh information, photos, tools and features on the site to keep up with the emerging trends. This will also keep your clients interested and looking forward for more from you every time they visit the site.

You Use a Free Template:

One way of building your clients’ trust is in investing in your business. If you are using a free platform or template for your site, your credibility may be questioned. A client is able to judge your seriousness and commitment in the business by checking how much of your time, money and effort you have invested in the design. Going for free templates where you do not have to make the web pages yourself may show that you are after quick and temporary results and solutions. This is not good for a your business foundation.

Your Website is not User Friendly:

When someone lands on your site, does he automatically know what the site is all about without having to go through the content? Do your clients spend the better part of their time searching for things that should be obvious such as your contact information? Is your website full of crater and stuff that does not really bring out what you are offering to your clients? Can your website sell what you are all about at a glance? Clients visit your site because they want information. Does it fulfill this need? If it does not, you need a website redesign.

Is Your Website Competitive?

You are not in this industry alone. There are others offering the same products and services just like you. How are their websites? Are theirs better than yours. Is your site lacking something your competitors have? If so, you need to redesign your website. You need to keep on checking how your competitors have designed their websites.

When redesigning your website, you may also consider changing your hosting to a better dedicated server solution. This will ensure that your site is always running. A site that encounters occasional server problems leads to business loss and your clients cannot rely on you. You need to build a strong and dependable name for your business in order to survive in the competitive world.